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Thread: Was a fun game and had many hours of enjoyment

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    Was a fun game and had many hours of enjoyment

    Time to leave Paladins and it has been a lot of fun playing.

    I have 68 friends on here and I am at lvl 170.

    I will be back if the drop hacks are ever fixed.

    I am a very good player with Furia and there are days I get drop hacked 6 to 10 times.

    The one where the match never exists.

    This isn't a I am pissed at hi rez post. I have more then gotten my enjoyment out the game.

    It is a really fun game and now it just isn't worth the effort and time with the above results.

    When they have a solution I will be back for sure.

    Thanks for the fun.


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    It's funny and when I call someone using a aimbot or trigger bot my team says I'm an idiot XD.

    Then next thing you know we get drop hacked which let's you know there was a cheated(s) in the match.

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