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Thread: Misterious loot?

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    Misterious loot?

    Few hrs ago my cousin logged in on his ps4 after some kind of update and received 31 loot! Including Seris skin and tons and tons of skins and voices.
    I play on pc.

    How did he get it?
    How can I get it on pc?

    I need a Seris skin.

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    When OB 68 hit, and they removed full character costomization, they gave out the whole skins for people who had only parts of the skin. I.E. I had the kinessa viking body but not the hat, and I received the full skin because I got a part of it.

    Your cousin most likely had parts of the skins and got the rest of the skin. If you didn't receive anything, then it most likely is because you didn't have "parts" of skins.

    BTW, there's a pretty nice skin for seris now, Jade Priestess Seris, for 300 crystals.
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