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Thread: Why Aim Assist Needs To Be A Thing For Controller Players on PC

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    Quote Originally Posted by ThunderDragon99 View Post
    I never said that aim assist should be a thing for all players. Players who use a mouse and keyboard should not have any aim assist at all. I think that aim assist should only be a thing for controller players on the PC. Even if aim assist was added for controllers, mouse and keyboard players would still have the advantage over controller players.
    The problem with this argument is that the aim assist would be either too good, so players with a controller would have an advantage over others, to the point where only controller players could reach grandmasters rank.
    I know that was exaggerating, but a good aim assist could make playing with a controller a free ticket to plat division.

    Or it would buff the aim of the controller players to the level of the awesome bronze 5. At this point why even bother implementing it?

    Also on PC you can use driver settings to use your mouse as a controller, so you can't technically exclude mouse players. And it is not fair either. You do have the option to use a mouse on PC, it is your choice if you don't.
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    I say definitely NO !

    I can easily plug my PS4 controller to my computer, do some tricks to fake it and still be able to play with my mouse and keyboard with an 'aim assit for controllers' on it with that trick...

    This is the only reason for a huge NO...
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    Playing on controller since ob33 and I am pretty good, way above average mouse players... Aim Assist Big NO Thanks!

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    Quote Originally Posted by PrinnyMask View Post
    They have Aim Assist already anyway, it's called Lex.
    Fair Point.
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    Just to clear up some misconceptions in this thread; aim assist is not like an aimbot, it is more like simple mouse acceleration, deceleration in this case. As your reticle gets in a certain range of an enemy your sensitivity decreases.

    Btw its a terrible idea to play shooters with a troller. You should really use a mouse, you would be doing yourself a favor.
    Quote Originally Posted by MarcinekMLG420 View Post
    That sick what hirez done

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    No. So much no. While it's not common.. at all. A player on a controller can do very well for themselves. This game in no shape way or form should ever have any type of aim assist like they do on console systems... ever.

    I'm not great with a controller by any means i've been playing far superior games on the master system for the majority of my life (That was a fun poke at consoles). However even me who has very little controller experience can do well for themselves when that terrible aim assist is on.

    Now don't even get my started on how people can easily exploit using aim assist with their keyboard and mouse for cheating like prowess.

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