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Thread: Bos, The Ska'Drin Elder

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    Bos, The Ska'Drin Elder

    Bos, The Ska'Drin Elder
    Role: Front Line
    Health: 4400

    Appearance: Bos is a huge, old Ska'Drin that is hunched over and holding a stone staff with runes etched around the bottom and the top. He has rusty old armor patched with scraps of metal. On his head he has a stone headdress covering his eyes with curled stone horns on the side and a long braided beard with silver rings in it.


    Left-Click: Elder's Staff
    Bos tilts his staff forward, sending out a ring of 6 projectiles every 1s. This ring of projectiles expands as it travels away from him for 0.5s before contracting back into one point over the next 0.5s. Each projectile passes through enemies in its path and deals 100 damage.
    Ammo: 6

    Right-Click: Enforcer Rune
    Bos detaches the top part of his staff and drops it onto the groud. The runes from this section of his staff expand outwards away from him with a blue ring of energy connecting them. Enemies may not pass through this ring and neither may their attacks. However, each rune that forms the ring has 500 health and destroying a rune breaks the connection on that part of the ring (leaving a gap in it).
    Duration: 3s
    Cooldown: 10s

    Q: Song Of The Remnants
    Bos holds his staff up and begins chanting, giving allies around him a shield with 500 health per ally in the area that gains 200 health every second as long as he continues chanting. He may chant for a total of 3s and the shield lasts for an additional 2s after his chant ends. (Bos may not activate other abilities while chanting.)
    Cooldown: 14s

    F: Haven
    Bos taps the ground with his staff, forming a large ring of magical runes around Bos. Attacks from enemies pass through this ring and come out the other side without touching anyone in the center. (The ring from this is slightly smaller than the ring from Enforcer Rune.)
    Duration: 2s
    Cooldown: 10s

    E: Folly Of Man
    Bos raises his headdress, gaining sight of all enemies for 1.4s as he selects his target. After those 1.4s he sends out a projection of his hand that grabs the targeted enemy and pushes them in the direction Bos directs for 2s. At the end of those 2s Bos's projection aims downwards, slamming the enemy into the ground for 500 damage before letting go.



    Ancient Might - Projectiles from Elder's Staff deal an extra 10% damage for each projectile that hits the same target. Additionally, the projectiles from Elder's Staff travel 50% faster.

    Devil's Deal - Gain 80% damage mitigation while Folly Of Man is active. Additionally, Folly Of Man charges 15% faster.

    Forced Departure - Enforcer Rune now expands much faster and enemies hit by it are knocked back a large distance.


    Magic Of Old - The range of Elder's Staff is increased by 5/10/15/20/25%.

    Battles Passed - Your healing received may not be reduced by more than 70/65/60/55/50%.

    Tragic History - Your base health is increased by 150/300/450/600.

    Will Of The Ska'Drin - You take 4/8/12/16/20% less damage for each nearby ally below 50% health.

    Enforcer Rune:

    Refugee Camp - Enforcer Rune has its radius increased by 2/4/6/8/10% for each nearby ally.

    Thrown Out - Enemies hit by the expansion of Enforcer Rune take a burst of 50/100/150/200/250 damage.

    Home Field Advantage - Enemies inside the area of Enforcer Rune take an additional 5/10/15/20/25% damage.

    Hateful Stares - Enemies inside the area of Enforcer Rune take 10/20/30/40/50 damage every 0.5s.

    Song Of The Remnants:

    Rallied Forces - Allies affected by Song Of The Remnants gain 1/2/3/4/5% damage mitigation for each ally affected by it.

    Primeval Fortitude - Song Of The Remnants now instantly splits a 400/800/1200/1600/2000 health shield between affected allies.

    Morale - Allies affected by Song Of The Remnants have their movement speed increased by 1/2/3/4/5% for each ally affected by it.

    Recovering Race - The cooldown of Remnant Chant is reduced by 0.4/0.8/1.2/1.6/2s.


    Wisdom Of Elders - Allies inside the area of Haven reload 4/8/12/16/20% faster.

    Territorial - The duration of Haven is increased by 0.4/0.8/1.2/1.6/2s.

    Rest Stop - Allies inside of Haven heal for 2/4/6/8/10% of the damage that passes through it.

    Ignored Hostility - For every 100 damage that passes through Haven, it's cooldown is reduced by 0.1/0.2/0.3/0.4/0.5s.

    Animations and Poses

    Intro: Bos is sitting on the ground with his legs crossed an slowly stands up with the help of his staff.

    Reload: The runes on Bos's staff all glow brightly and float off the staff as he recharges it.

    Emote 1 - Default: Bos begins to fall asleep and slowly falls over. When he hits the ground he is startled awake.

    Emote 2 - Ancient Powers: Bos holds his staff out and it separates into all of it's pieces, forming a spiral in front of him.

    Emote 3 - Taunting The Youth: Bos chants and runes float off his staff and spell "Get Wrecked" in the air.

    Victory Pose 1 - Default: Bos stands with his back hunched over and his staff being used as a cane.

    Victory Pose 2 - Reinvigorated: Bos stands tall with his staff held over his shoulder and his headdress raised above his eyes.

    Victory Pose 3 - Meditate: Bos sits on the floor with his legs crossed and his staff laid across his lap.

    Voice Lines

    Intro 1 - "The Ska'Drin will not fall."
    Intro 2 - "The young ones need our help."
    Mount - "I never did like these things."
    Enforcer Rune 1 - "Stay back!"
    Enforcer Rune 2 - "Stand behind me children."
    Song Of The Remnants 1 - *Unintelligible chanting*
    Song Of The Remnants 2 - "I will protect you all."
    Haven 1 - "There will be no fighting here."
    Haven 2 - "They cannot touch you my children."
    Folly Of Man 1 - "You have harmed my people for the last time!"
    Folly Of Man 2 - "If they want a fight, SO BE IT!"
    Purchase Item [Defense 1] - "We need to build up our defenses."
    Purchase Item [Defense 2] - "We've built up quite a wall."
    Purchase Item [Defense 3] - "They won't hurt us ever again."
    Purchase Item [Utility 1] - "I'll help best I can."
    Purchase Item [Utility 2] - "Where does this go?"
    Purchase Item [Utility 3] - "If it helps protect our families I'll glady accept it."
    Purchase Item [Healing 1] - "We should see if one of the young ones needs this."
    Purchase Item [Healing 2] - "Others need the help more than me."
    Purchase Item [Healing 3] - "I'll use it well."
    Purchase Item [Attack 1] - "Hasn't there been enough death already?"
    Purchase Item [Attack 2] - "This will just make us a bigger target."
    Purchase Item [Attack 3] - "It is a strong last resort."
    Using Down Ability 1 - "Slow down young one."
    Using Down Ability 2 - "I will, trust me."
    Burning - "This is nothing compared to the past."
    Stunned - "You cannot keep us down!"
    Low Health - "Even if I fall, someone will take my place."
    Healed - "Thank you young one."
    Death 1 - "Be safe..."
    Death 2 - "Remember what I've taught you all..."
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    Pretty good concept, but it could be better. I feel like the Ultimate needs more synergy with rest of the kit, which is focused around on defense and control. Pulling enemies closer doesn't really fit into the style. Other than that, decent job.
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    Big update!
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    Updated/Reworked: Cards
    Added: Animation and Pose descriptions
    Added: Voice Lines
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