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Thread: Skye can totaly deny and bully Kinessa

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    When you finally manage to get a match with NO SKYE then it's fun and fair cuz even if they have other flankers you can just set a mine and when the flanker passes there you can hear him coming so give you a chance to react to what is coming but dying out of nowhere for something you couldn't prevent is just horrible game design.. I saw a guy on a match once saying "Same with Drogoz" but at least Drogoz screams, very loudly, his ult and shines like a bright sun..

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    Disclaimer; I have no love for Skye (played her, understand her, done very well with her, not my type of character).

    I never really thought Skye was overpowered, especially in OB:33. I also played enough to learn different loadouts and what burn cards to take when she was in my game, for every character I played. Grover was the easiest, by far and 95/100 times made her ultimate completely useless (this assumed my team was informed to stay and fight while being healed and not try to run).

    So... onto Kinessa!

    A friend of mine was playing Kinessa and said he had a hard time with Skye, so I started to play her to figure out if there was anything to be done. What I found was a pretty consistent way to go 60+/40- (or better) against her.

    First, always have a special anti-Skye loadout to use when she is in your game. Use whatever you want for other matches, but when Skye is there, prepare to be hunted.

    Restore IV is a must-have (Restore 40% of your max health after teleporting to your Transporter Beacon)

    Beam Me Up III or IV (Increase the flight speed of Transporter by 60%-80%)

    Amplitude I (Increase the beam range of Oppressor Mines by 30% - I is usually fine, II is good as well)

    Well Stocked I or II (Increase your maximum deployed mine count by 1 or 2)

    Add or subtract from Beam Me Up and Well Stocked to figure out the combo you like best.

    Basically your base should look like:

    Restore IV, Beam Me Up III, Amplitude I, Well Stocked I (9 pts)

    For your 5th slot, it's up to you. I prefer Quick Scope III so I can still do my sniping. That's a total of 12 pts.

    Burn Cards:

    Haven II (Get this ASAP)

    The next card depends on if the Skye is running Cauterize or not. If she isn't, pick up Life Rip. That additional 10% (early) and 20% (later) will not only help against non-Cauterize Skye, it will also help you in the match.

    If she does run Cauterize, then you want Deft Hands (reload speed) or Cauterize yourself. The reason you want Deft Hands is because you will most-likely always survive the first burst of her attack using the method below... and depending on your current amount of ammo when she pops out, you may already be low. This means you are highly likely to run out of bullets if your aim isn't right. Having a second salvo of bullets is huge. Now, if you can already win the matchup without getting Deft Hands, then get Cauterize and use it to help your team by applying it from long range.

    Remember, if she doesn't take Aggression (which any good Skye shouldn't, IMO), there is a 30% damage difference between lack-of-Aggression and Haven II. If she DOES take Aggression, then there is a 20% difference (still in your favor).

    Anyway... here's the plan:

    - BE READY TO FIGHT (this isn't about fleeing, this is about being able to go toe to toe with her).
    - Always have 3 mines out with decent spread.
    - Assume shes going to jump you at any second (do not get tunnel vision).
    - Always reload (pop off a couple Snipes... then reload. DON'T run out of bullets).

    The moment you hear her come out of stealth, throw your Teleporter AT her and begin shooting at her with your Carbine. She's already taking 30% more dmg due to the mines (assuming you have good spread). If you have quick fingers, you will be able to get the Teleport off when she jumps you, get a couple hits in, and immediately get 40% of your health back. Then you need to 180 and keep shooting. Remember; you know where you are going w/ the Teleporter, she doesn't... this is an advantage in your favor.

    Some of the time you will kill her outright, some of the time you will chase her off, and some of the time you will die. This isn't a direct counter method, but it's a way to deal with her. In my experience, I ended up winning about 60-70% of the encounters (a "win" being either killing her or chasing her off). The rest of the time, I'd either get tunnel vision or out-juked (hey, it happens!).

    So... with all that, basically I don't think she is a hard counter. I think you really have to plan to fight against a Skye and you are definitely forced to play a different game. It's actually quite an interesting battle, IMO, and has definitely helped me figure out many ways to counter her.

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