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Thread: Two changes that would make Skye far less annoying.

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    Two changes that would make Skye far less annoying.

    First off, let me say I am very much enjoying the game, so keep up the good work. But there are some glaring balance issues IMO. I know, the nerf Skye train has been done to death, but personally I don't think her Ult is the main problem. I think her main problem is her ridiculous sustain and complete lack of a reveal mechanic for stealth.

    With 4 points in Nimble Fingers and 1-2 points in the reload item she can reduce her reload to nearly 0.5 seconds. Combine with Tactical Reload and she is basically a bullet-hose with a near instant reload. This makes spraying from Stealth far more productive than it should be and give her too high sustain for a stealth ganker character. Doubling her reload speed baseline would really help to bring this more in line and force her to get kills to keep firing instead of just spraying the point from Stealth and then bailing out. I would also argue that her damage per bolt needs to be brought down a bit.

    Second, the lack of any reveal mechanic (like TF2 Spy) when hit makes her far too difficult to pin down and doesn't reward perceptive players. Now I don't know how hard it would be to add, but she needs something along the lines of the shimmer effect when hit like the Spy or at the very least a blood spatter to reward perceptive players. With no reveal mechanic there is no way to hit her while in stealth other than shear luck. At least with the Spy you can see where they are going as they Stealth and can pin them down if you can predict their movement (also, any DoT effect reveals them for several seconds), but with Skye she has no real fear of being engaged while in Stealth.

    Those two problems I believe are what makes her so un-fun to play against. Players should be rewarded for perception when handling her, but with the lack of any reveal mechanic they are not and cannot reliably hit her while in stealth even if they have an idea where she went. This allows her to get away with cheap spray and bail tactics due to her fast reload and extremely high fire rate + DoT that can't be easily countered. These two problems in my view amplify each other leading to an extremely enjoyable experience, especially considering that she is picked by both team in nearly 100% matches in my experience.
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    Yes her reload is broken beyond belief.. She can machine gun darts at you all day..
    About the mechanic to track her down I actually think Kinessa's mines should be able to track her while invisible.. Right now her mines CAN'T so she can just pass trhough it like it isn't even there and kill the Kinessa with ease, worst of all, she completely DENIES and bully Kinessa, making her a complete dead-weight on the team, I believe if her mines could track her down then it would be more even since Kinessa could be able to see her coming.

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