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Thread: Nothing bad with the ulti of Skye

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    Cool Nothing bad with the ulti of Skye


    I started this game the day of the beta release,and i enjoy him very much,one of my character is lvl 10+ .

    Personnaly in game i have no problem with the ulti of her ==>Ulti pop "time blabla" and i died like many other in this situation.
    It's an ulti so it happend 2 or 3 time in a game..

    I have a problem with the basic attack,i'm just coming back to a game,at the en we lost,on the screen score,we can see ==> Skye 30+ kill and death 0,the men who was play her is good,really good.

    I've seen many other good players,but no one with a ratio like that,seriously 30+/0 ?

    That is a fight against her : I drop my mines(Kinessa) who are usless in stealth she open and less than 5s and i'm died,i'm trying to jump,to TP to do stupid thing.
    And i'm saying that : it was at the start of the game ==> engage 5s and dead whatever i tried..Even when she's on someone else i shot her one time,and she desappear,then she pop,just kill me,and finish the over.

    And when we are 2 on her just drop the ulti no time to run and dead again.

    There is no match against a good Skye or when i take Fernando.

    Engage==>5s==>dead==>disappear==>engage==>5s==>dea d==>disappear and when she's bad disappear and waiting for her life or cool down with no problem,i saw that in the reaplay of my beautifuls deaths

    I'm just telling what's happening when a good skye player is in the game there is no fun for the team on the front!

    (ho yeah and the realoding..for Androxus,i understand he have a six shot..but her?What is it about?)

    Ten years spend in online games,this is the fisrt time i post for "weeping other",sorry for my bad english!


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    Kinessa is hard countered by Skye. A good one will not let you do anything. Been there done that. Only time I ever felt like I was useless in this game was in this match up. In fact, it's one of the reasons I don't pick Kinessa anymore (someone always picks Skye) and pick Cassie instead. Cassie can be built to disengage much quicker from a fight and get a counter attack on Skye, not to mention her hawk ult will light her up.

    I think Kinessa needs her teleport to be instant. That would help make it a little more fair, but still in favor of Skye, due to her ambush tactics. I just think it's too lopsided at the moment.

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