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Thread: Evie Quality of Life tweaks

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    Evie Quality of Life tweaks

    Among the countless other balance fixes suggested for Evie I suggest a few small tweaks that would make playing her feel a bit more fair. The most major thing I've noticed when playing Evie is that while blinking her Hurtbox seems to persist throughout the entire animation until it is completed. I've watched kill cams when I was sure I escaped only to see that I was killed by the enemy still shooting at the area I had just blinked away from. That is a tad bit understandable; however, I've also been killed by being shot in the middle of the line that shows my blink path. I understand the blink path is there to give the enemies an idea of which direction you went as to not make it an extremely overpowered tool, but a blink is a teleport and at no point should my hurtbox be inside the movement path. As well I suggest that Evie's soar speed be slightly increased or the duration upped by a second or even half a second. As it is with the map layouts It seems as though even if I soar away the enemy can still chase me down with very little effort and for a champion whose main feature is mobility it makes you feel sort of useless if you get in and get out only for fernando to be a few steps behind you and launch a fireball at you before you can get out of combat.

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    The Soar mobility problem can be easily solved with the cards Swift Witch and Great Distance (increased Soar speed and duration respectively). Don't forget that you can also fly straight up and off at an angle to get over pesky walls to buy enough time to regen health.

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