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  1. PC Kicked out of match and scoreboardscreen permanently showing

    I was playing a Siege Casual match with Grover in Jaguar Falls, everything was correct but in the half of the first round, my team captured and the match started lagging a lot. My conection was...
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    PC Visual bug on mounts

    I've been seeing this since ImaniĀ“s Fire and Ice update, every mount except mine, looks like its running at low FPS or somehow teletrasporting in short distances while they're moving trough the map.
  3. PC Kicked while in party before starting the match

    I was playing normally in a party with 2 friends, in 3 out of 15 matches the game didn't let me start the match.

    I selected my champion and waited for the countdown to be finished, after that, the...
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    Sticky: FPS Drop while in party

    My pc runs paladins with every graphic set maxed at 120 stable FPS, but when I entered to party a few days ago, the FPS had a drop to 40-30 depending on how many characters were in the screen.
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    PC Battle pass fake level up pop up

    Every single match I play gives me a pop up notification that the battle pass has leveled up and it shows the rewards I supposedly got, but when I get to see my battle pass level, it hasn't leveled...
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