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  1. This is a fully intended feature. It used to...

    This is a fully intended feature.

    It used to be the way you wanted it to, with invisible champions being revealed when hit. But it was removed in the Steel-Forged update due to developers wanting...
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    PC Can't see Terminus ult

    Was playing a few games and sometimes the Terminus would not show the small orb when he dies and has his ultimate, the voiceline for his ultimate would play out but none of my teammates could see it...
  3. Should it not be said in a game that is supposed...

    Should it not be said in a game that is supposed to encourage creative loadouts and builds that when a Champion has only 1 viable talents out of a possible 3 that it shuns the idea of running...
  4. Illuminate In a General Sense. Negatively Affecting Gameplay?

    In Paladins, there are 4 champions that utilise the ability of stealth, that being every champ that begins with S. Strix, Seris, Sha Lin and Skye. However, when talking about the topic I'll mainly be...
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    Some of your suggestions I can get behind and...

    Some of your suggestions I can get behind and some of which I'm not so sure, so I'll try to sum it up quick.


    Furia does have some of her really good points like her ability to take...
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    What is happening to Jenos in patch 2.01 is what...

    What is happening to Jenos in patch 2.01 is what I'm calling 'a nerf that's been sugarcoated as a buff'. They got the whole 'putting Celes is his base kit' part right, but took it down to 5% which...
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    5 percent, alright then.

    While I am grateful that Jenos received some attention for 2.01. My disappointment is immeasurable. Sure, Celestial Touch went into the base kit, but 5%? I'd rather stick with choosing Celestial...
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    True, also I find that Maeve's ult doesn't last...

    True, also I find that Maeve's ult doesn't last long enough, it usually only works for you if you're standing right next to an enemy or are willing to burn all your abilities to get near someone...
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    Most Underpowered Support?

    You're probably wondering what I think the worst supports are and why. Well, most supports have their very useful healing capabilities and means of fighting and getaway, however, the support that I...
  10. Paladins is too reliant on damage and flank picks

    Now, before anyone thinks I'm going to be bitching about certain champs, I'm not, but, I do think that damage and flank picks can make or break a game. (Note: No champs are directly called out here,...
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    Adrenaline Junkie OP?

    Oh boy, here to talk about one of Koga's legendary cards, Adrenaline Junkie.

    Now, don't get me wrong, the premise of the card is good, but the execution of it is just way too powerful. If you...
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    Reveals in Paladins

    I'm here to talk about reveals today. Reveals are an important part of some champs kits, like Strix with his flare. However, in my uneducated opinion, I think there are too many cards and instances...
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    Wrong kind of Andro nerf?

    I'm sure a lot of you know that Heads Will Roll received a nerf, but when you think about it, is that really what we needed? I mean sure, hitboxes are jacked in this game, but I just don't think that...
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    Androxus' Defiance Problems.

    I know you've probably seen a fair amount of people talking about the defiance ability, but I guess I am too now.

    We all know the deal with defiance, it's an instant 700 damage with a single...
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    Quick thoughts on Maeve right now.

    So this is coming from a Maeve main, and after one of her biggest nerfs a while ago, I lost a lot of interest in playing her, but I started playing her again about a few months ago. And I'm just not...
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    Skye's disappearing arm?

    I was playing a normal game of Paladins, onslaught, on foreman's rise, with Skye and as soon as the game begins I'm missing my right arm. All I can see is a floating wrist crossbow, I was using the...
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